In Re Ashley Madison Customer Data Security Breach Litigation

MDL No. 2669

Case No. 4:15-MD-02669-JAR (E.D. Mo.)

Settlement Class Members have the right to object to the Settlement and/or to Class Counsel’s application for Attorneys’ Fees, Costs and Expenses.

Any Settlement Class Member who intends to object to the Settlement Agreement must do so no later than sixty (60) calendar days (October 3, 2017) after the Notice Date (the “Objection Deadline”). In order to object, the Settlement Class Member must file a notice of appearance with the Court (if represented by counsel), and file with the Court and provide a copy to Class Counsel and Defendants’ Counsel, a hand signed document that includes:

  1. The real name, address, telephone number, and, if available, the email address of the person objecting, and if represented by counsel, of his/her counsel;
  2. Specifically and in writing, each objection and the grounds for each objection, accompanied by any legal support for the objection;
  3. Whether he/she intends to appear at the Final Approval Hearing, either with or without counsel;
  4. A statement sufficient to establish his/her membership in the Settlement Class, including all information required by the Claim Form;
  5. A detailed list of any other objections submitted by the Settlement Class Member, and/or his/her counsel, to any class actions submitted in any court, whether state or federal, in the United States in the previous five (5) years. If the Settlement Class Member or his/her counsel has not objected to any other class action settlement in any court in the United States in the previous five (5) years, he/she shall affirmatively state so in the written materials provided in connection with the Objection to this Settlement Agreement;
  6. Any and all agreements that relate to the objection or the process of objecting, whether written or verbal, between objector or objector’s counsel and any other person or entity; and
  7. The objector’s signature on the written objection (an attorney’s signature is not sufficient).

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